Twitter Tools

I am going to put a list of helpful Twitter Tools, plug-ins and websites as I find them. Please feel free to share yours with me.


TwitterFox is a Firefox (browser) add-in.

You can download it here:

It stays in the bottom right-hand corner of your window and every time someone sends a "Tweet" it will pop up or send you a sound depending on how you have it set up.

You can write and respond to Tweets right from the little window so you don't have to go to each time.


Another Tool I use is Twhirl. Twhirl is a program you download and install on your computer. It looks very similar to AIM or any Instant Messenger Program.

The interface is clean and it gives you features like:
  • Sending a Direct Message
  • ReTweet a Message
  • Search for Messages
  • Grouping Messages from someone


Assist said...

Check out

It lets you tie Twitter into Friend Connect and create groups for all your friends to join!

Teresa Hall said...

One of my favorite Twitter Tools is TweetDeck!

Jackie said...

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