The Hunt for the Coolest Twitter Page

What’s the coolest Twitter page you’ve ever seen?

This survey is to give the Twitter community the chance to vote up a winner!

Round One. In this first phase we’re asking for your submissions from among any and all Twitter pages (user pages).

Enter here

In Round Two we’ll have the “field” narrowed down to just 10 Twitter users, and they be enlisting the help of Guy Kawasaki or Chris Brogan or another “elite Twitter identity” to officially choose the winner.

If you’re the winner, your reward will be the priceless free attention and adulation (and loads of new followers, no doubt!).

Twitter pages will be judged on their graphic appeal, use of color and space, creativity and ingenuity. The best measure of a cool Twitter page is that it really impressed you when you saw it.

So, what have you seen??

(Yes, you can vote for your own page, but please don’t waste our time with rubbish entries… they’ll never win anyway.)

Enter here

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