Where to get Free Twitter Backgrounds and Themes

Here are some websites that offer free Twitter background patterns and Twitter Themes to help you spruce up your Twitter.com page.

Twitter Patterns offers free background. All the backgrounds can be downloaded and then uploaded through your Profile page on Twitter.

Twitter PatternsTwitter Gallery provides free backgroundsfor your Twitter profile but also lets you change the look and theme of your profile. It has got a good variety of themes in a lot of different topics like:
Twitter GalleryDo you know of any other good places to get free Twitter themes and backgrounds? Leave a Comment below.

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Taylor said...

I really love customizing my own Twitter profile, tweaking it to add some personal touches. And then I change its color scheme together with my profile pic to make them all blend together.

I always go to Twitcane for the best Twitter backgrounds. Their beautiful backgrounds are organized into categories and offer auto-install from the site itself. Right now, I'm enjoying their unique Twitter backgrounds.