Why Do You Twitter? Interview with CuriousLT

Why Do You Twitter, Nadine Gilden, Curious Light Web DesignWhat is your name? Nadine Gilden

What is your Twitter User Name? CuriousLT

What is your website name and URL? Curious Light at www.curiouslight.com

What is your website about?
My website is to show my work as a web and graphic designer, as well as give potential clients information on what Curious Light has to offer, through the testimonials from previous/current clients, listing of services and links to resources.

Why did you join Twitter and how are you using Twitter now?
I joined Twitter initially to network, but now I find that it is such a great tool to learn about whatever areas interest you. I get to follow people who are authorities in technology, fashion, crafts, etc. It is also a great way to meet new people that you find interesting. For those of us that work alone, it can be a great way to connect to people when you need a little dose of human contact. It is also amazing how twitter lets you get the news first, before the official news channels are posting it. It makes everything so immediate. Obviously, if I can make business contacts and get new clients, fantastic, but twitter is so much more than that.

Anything else you would like to share?
For newbies, I would just say, don't get discouraged and click away from Twitter, it does take a bit of getting used to. Those that are totally new to twitter don't understand how you find people, or what is purpose really is, but there are so many wonderful resources and helpful people out there to guide you. Just try Googling 'twitter getting started' or something similar, and you will see all the help that is available out there. It really is a great tool for so many purposes.

If you would like to be interviewed for Twitter Tweet Win?
Just send me an email. My name is Wendy and my email address is thecomputerlady@snet.net. The interview is FREE and it will help you get FREE traffic to your website, blog, or Twitter page. You will also gain new followers.

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