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Why do you TwitterYour name: Clyde Boom

Your Twitter user name: clydeboom

Your blog/website name: Clyde Boom

Your blog/website URL: www.HowToUseTwitterNow.com

What is your blog/website about?

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How are you using Twitter?

There is a phenomenal growth in Twitter - over 700% last year - and the benefits of using Twitter are HUGE - and yet so many people don't really understand what Twitter is or how to work with Twitter to generate business.

People need to know the basics of how to use Twitter, like how to:
  • reply, direct message
  • follow and unfollow
  • but there's so much more to Twitter than just these basic tasks
Most people don't understand how to use Twitter to:
  • make connections
  • properly develop the "know, like and trust" factor
  • "extend their reach"
  • promote their products and services by giving to others
  • and THEN making more sales!
I help people understand how to use Twitter to do the basics and then how to use Twitter to make contacts for business - and part of this is by sharing "Twitter Success Stories".

People can learn by these examples of how to grow their Twitter social media network and then apply these concepts creatively to their own businesses.

For example, Dell Computers made of $1 million dollars last year by listening to their customers, providing feedback and computer tips - and then letting them know about great deals on their computers.

As another example, restaurants are providing tips for fine dining and offering lots of different promos - usually only available for a limited time and only through Twitter.

And travel agencies are giving traveling tips, such as how to plan for a trip, and then offering special deals to their customers.

And the list goes on and on.

Here's how to use Twitter beyond the basics: Communicate, listen, connect, provide help and benefits, build your network, offer value - and then people will WANT to do business with you!

The opportunities to creatively use Twitter to generate new business are endless - if you know how to use Twitter and how to build your network properly with Twitter.

Using Twitter is about developing relationships so that people want to do business with you. It's not just about posting links to sales pages!

Constantly providing "How To Use Twitter Now!" tips to help my "network" of Twitter followers, answering Twitter marketing questions in a courteous and timely manner - and by connecting and helping others in the community.

I ask what others need to know and reply to their Twitter questions quickly.

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