Why Do You Twitter? Interview with DanPlasticman

Why do you Twitter, Dan EdmondsYour name: Dan Edmonds. I use the handle Plasticman or DanPlasticman online a lot because I set up businesses to get paid by plastic (creditcards)

Your Twitter user name: danplasticman

Your blog/website name: Get Paid by Plastic at www.get-paid-by-plastic.com

What is your blog/website about? I deal with the latest technology for my industry, merchant services. We can do traditional retail, MOTO (Mail Order Telephone Order) businesses. We also own our own gateway so we can make some adjustments other processors can't make, on Internet Payment Processing.

We also have wireless machines,did you the rates are higher when you type in creditcard as opposed to swiping them? A wireless can save a business with a lot of deliveries money.

We also have software with recurring billing, so you can get paid byu plastic on regular basis, with out all the typing...with your clients permission of course (smiles).

Why did I join Twitter?

My friend Diane Darling who teaches the effective networking classes, set up a Twitter page for local events in Boston, MA.

How are you using Twitter?

I am using Twitter for a variety of reasons, 1. Learn..I can get so many free reports from coaches and consultants. 2. Network I am amazed with the growing list of followers i get everyday, 80% people I never heard of. 3. Promote Merchant Services, 4. Rant about my beliefs on politics and sports.

I also use it to promote my LinkedIn Group New England Networkers, and of course my Linkedin Profile www.linkedin.com/in/danplasticman.

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