Why Do You Twitter? Interview with @TeresaWrites4U

Why do you Twitter?

Your name: Teresa Hall

Your Twitter user name: TeresaWrites4U

Your blog/website name: Write About Everything (blog), Teresa Writes 4 U (website)

What is your blog/website about?

Why Do you TwitterMy Write About Everything website is to market my freelance writing business. That blog is directed toward up and coming freelance writers and Internet businesses on how to earn money writing on the web.

72 Hour Brainstorm is a great, low cost way to get some writing services fast and inexpensively. We focus solely on ad slogans, press releases, short sales pages and a short autoresponder series to promote your business.

Infinite Women is a membership site that is focused on helping women become empowered and independent after leaving an abusive relationship. It isn't directed at the "how do I get out" angle, because their are many incredible resources that already do that.

Instead, this is geared toward women who have already left their abusers, but are still so emotionally bruised and battered they haven't been able to move forward in their lives.

At Infinite Women we offer two sources of help. First, we have a program that helps women regain their strength and self-esteem and remember who they are in this Universe. We help them learn to take back their power and move forward into a new life filled with hope, abundance and safety that is based on their own independence and skills.

Secondly, we have a business program that teaches women how to discover their passion and make a living from it. Whether they want to build a business online or off line, we give them the tools and information they need to get started. By developing her own business, a woman creates her own reality and financial security, which further empowers her to continue living safe and sane after the fallout of living in the nightmare of abuse.

Karen and I are both survivors of abuse who have learned how to step out and step into financial freedom and security as a result of learning how to love and appreciate our uniqueness as women.

Why did I join Twitter?

I joined Twitter to network and market my freelance writing business. I wanted to find a way that I could let people get to know me, as well as make them aware of my business. What I discovered as I spent time there, is Twitter is so much more than just marketing!

How are you using Twitter?

I use Twitter to make connections with real people, not just websites and blogs. Because of Twitter's immediate interaction, you can have conversations at a completely different level than email or blog comments.

I love the social aspect of Twitter. Freelancing is a solitary business, and we all need to be connected with other people to stay creative and content. Twitter is a fabulous way to share information and really connect with others. It seems odd to people who haven't jumped on the Twitter bandwagon that it could actually facilitate real relationships, but it does.

Both 72 Hour Brainstorm and Infinite Women are joint ventures that I have been fortunate enough to become involved in as a result of Twitter.

I also use Twitter to find new clients for my writing business. I have a Twitter Special that I offer to people that I meet through Twitter. (You can find it my clicking on my link in my Twitter profile! )

Another feature of Twitter that really needs to be mentioned? It is FABULOUS for some good humor and chuckles! When ever I am feeling over worked or overwhelmed by business or personal demands, I know I can jump on Twitter and find someone or something that makes me laugh out loud! Huge stress reliever- try it!

Anything else you would like to share?

I would just like to welcome everyone to follow me on Twitter at www.twitter.com/TeresaWrites4U. I don't auto follow, but I will follow you back if you post updates that include something other than just continually sales promos.

While Twitter is great for marketing- and should be used that way- the fastest way to lose followers is to focus only on promoting yourself. Interact with people, have conversations and BE YOURSELF! Nothing out there will build your business faster!

If you would like to be interviewed for Twitter Tweet Win?
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