Why Do You Twitter? Interview with Mom1309

Each week I will be interviewing a different person to find out, How do you use Twitter? This first interview profiles Michelle Fitchett. Michelle is blind and just started her blog in October of 2008. She recently joined Twitter to meet new people.

Mom1309Name: Michelle Fitchett

Twitter User Name: mom1309

Your blog/website: michelle13-michelle.blogspot.com

What is your blog/website about? It is about me and my Blindness.

Why did you join Twitter? To meet people.

How are you using Twitter? To meet people.

Michelle writes on her blog:

I am a 41 year old legally blind stay at home mom with 3 kids Ages are 17, 15, and 13. I have been married for 22 years to my best friend. I use a guide dog to get around.

I thought I should write about my Blindness and how I went Blind. I went Blind at birth or even before. When my mother was carry me she took alot of different seizure medicine. I guess I never moved into of her due to the medicine she was taken. But when it was time for me to be born the Drs. used forceps to pull me out. Right after I was born I went thru drug withdrawals as a infant. Drs think my birth had something to do with my Blindness. They tell me the wiring in my brain is damaged some where just not totally sure where. They think it is somewhere near the Optic Nerve. Yes my eyes do move and they are healthy but my blindness is from a brain injury and not an eye problem.

If anyone reads this I bet you are wondering how I use the computer well I have 2 screen readers on my computer one is called ZoomText and the other one is called Read Please. ZoomText does not always work so I have to go to Read Please. I can chat online and read anything any sighted person can do. I am hoping to soon get Jaws.

Please stop by Michelle's blog and read her story. She wants to start a business and is looking for ideas. Follow Michelle on Twitter.

If you would like to be interviewed for Twitter! Tweet! Win! just send me an email. My name is Wendy and my email address is thecomputerlady@snet.net

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