Why Do You Twitter? Interview with JulieBonnHeath

Why do you TwitterWhy do you Twitter?

Name: Julie Bonn Heath

Twitter Name: juliebonnheath

Blog: www.jbhmarketing.wordpress.com

Website: www.juliebonnheath.com

My Blog is about: Marketing and Writing Tidbits

My website is about: PR and Marketing services that we offer, as well as client list and a briefing of projects on a per client basis.

Why joined Twitter: I swore that I never would! But I kept hearing about the benefits and decided to give it a try. To coin a phrase, the benefits have been endless for me. It gave me an instant audience when I started my blog, it proved invaluable with research and surveys, increased my book sales, increased my appearance and guest blogging opportunities and I love logging on an answering questions from other people whenever I can. Twitter also brings me over half of my website hits every month.

How I am using it: I use it to post updates on my business, announce new clients/marketing plans, send people to blog posts, highlight trends and be opinionated on both business and personal issues. I also use it to ask questions of other people and to learn.

If you would like to be interviewed for Twitter! Tweet! Win! Just send me an email. My name is Wendy and my email address is thecomputerlady@snet.net. The interview is free.

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Julie Bonn Heath said...

Thanks for featuring me! Appreciate it.