Why Do You Twitter? Interview with @DianaRusso

Why do you Twitter?

Your name: Diana Russo

Your Twitter user name: DianaRusso

Your blog/website: Earth Connections Kuranda at www.earthconnectionskuranda.com

Why Do You TwitterWhat is your blog/website about?

A collaboration of women who use art music and fashion to promote their love of the environment and their individual art forms. We comprise a visual artist and a fashion designer who specialize in sustainable fabrics and practice and a musician who promotes independent music and earth healing lyrics, as well as myself who advocates the use of industrial hemp as a environmentally friendly alternative to many other resources which are reliant on heavy use of synthetic chemicals for their growth and processing.

Why did I join Twitter?

Initially to check it out from the advice of friends and online contacts, which turned into promotion of my Zenzuu link, then went on to both learn from others on Twitter and to share interesting links and information I came across in relation to my special fields of interest.

How are you using Twitter?

The main three ways I use Twitter are to keep up with new trends, to netwrok and socialise and to build relationships with people who are likeminded.

Anything else you would like to share?

Just that the site is still under construction due to the collaborative style of the site and the limited access to a computer by two of the collaborators. Also that Twitter has become one of my favorite methods of using the net to network on, for its brevity and diversity.

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