Why Do you Twitter? Interview with Aherendeen

Why do you Twitter? An interview with Amy, Aherendeen

Your name: Amy

Your Twitter user name: Aherendeen

Your blog/website: Everyday Mama Drama (Stay at Home Mom)

TwitterWhat is your blog/website about?
Everyday Mama Drama. Everyday happenings in my family, but mostly about my beautiful baby girl, Kaitlynn Jean, born on February 23, 2007. She is a true miracle and blessing (oh, and a princess!).

Why did you join Twitter?
I joined Twitter during the election to keep up with the coverage.

How are you using Twitter?
I use Twitter to meet new people, keep up with people I already know, promote giveaways other websites are having, and to keep up with new members of Twitter Moms. I will eventually start using it to advertise for my Avon business and advertise giveaways on my blog.

Anything else you would like to share?
I really enjoy networking, getting to know others and blogging. I wish I had more time for it.

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